Hair Extensions – Customer Comments

Here are just a few of the comments Willow has recevied from satisifed customers.

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“I loved my extensions, as a first time wearer I was worried about the upkeep of the extensions, but I found them very easy. Having them for 4 months enabled me to grow my hair as it cut out the awful in-between stage. Thank you very much Willow”



“I spoke to Willow on the phone and came in for a consultation. Willow was honest about what she could achieve with the length of my hair I had, which was still very short and was happy to answer all those question I had about hair extension. Could I still swim? did I need to use special products etc…

I was very impressed by the fact Willow was willing to consider my skin tone when choosing colours, not something many stylists consider and using different shades of extensions to produce a more natural result, also any products I wished to use outside of the range she supplied Willow was happy to test to see if they would be feasible for hair extensions. The maintenance of them she advised me she would be happy to do at no further charge which I have to say made me feel more confident about having hair extensions.  After the consultation and seeing the before and after picture that had been taken of previous clients I decided I was happy to go ahead.

Although I appreciate Willow is very much in demand the appointments made were not to far in advance and she is willing to help me fit in further appointments, which due to my busy schedule can be difficult.  The morning of my appointment I have to say I was very excited and nervous, I usually can visualise how things can look in advance but I have to say on this occasion I couldn’t.

I found myself giving a good amount of trust to Willow -  How would my hair look? the style she was going to create etc and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed.  I know a fair few woman who look fantastic with short hair, I personally have realised I do not like short hair on myself and this has been a fantastic solution.

I am very pleased with the results and several of my colleagues/friends have commented on how good they look. “

Jodi Bowman


“I am now on my fourth set of hair extensions, to me they are more important than my clothes/ makeup as I wear them everyday also! I find that when I have my extensions I am more inclined to style it and take more time. I feel more confident and will carry on wearing them in the future.”

Fran Taylor Smith


“I first had hair extensions 2 and a half years ago when Willow asked me to be her hair model. I had always been really unhappy with my hair so I jumped at the chance! Before having my extensions, I tied my hair up most days as I really didn’t like how thin and lanky my hair was, I had no confidence and would shy away in photographs. Now, I love wearing my hair down and trying different styles, it has changed my look completely and I would never look back. They have given me the boost to stand tall. Willow provides me with an excellent service and is always on hand to provide advice when I need it. No question is too small and she understands exactly what I want. I don’t think I could live without my hairdresser!!”

Katie Bradshaw


“I have been thrilled to bits with using Willow for hair extensions, the connect hair has be so natural looking and by far the least damaging on my own hair as before I use to have Racoon. It stays silky and I have no problems with the glue bonds.  I hate it when I have to have them out and re done I count the days down till I have them put back in. The different colour contrast is amazing as I rather not have one block colour, the different colour range always looks so pretty once the hair is in.”

Jazz Cook


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